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by jooster11 at 12:59 PM
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Survival release

The Survival server is finally back online!
The reason why it took so much time is because we added a lot of new updates.

New things
- Lottery
- Auction (/Auc)
- Jobs
- Chestshops
- Protocolsupport (supports minecraft clients from 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10)
We recommend using minecraft version 1.9 or higher!
- PVP-Arena is now better blocked off
- New crate system

Creating a good economy is a hard thing to do. Currently you can earn money with jobs, selling items, Lottery, trading or starting/bidding on a Auction. We have planned to add and remove the Jobs soon, more information about this is available later.

For now, have fun and enjoy the new server!
- The Centrix staff-team.
by didjee2 at 12:11 PM
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Hello everyone,

As some of you probably noticed, the server was offline since past night. It came up sometimes and went offline again after that.
This is because we are trying to repair our BungeeCord, to avoid future crashes (the BungeeCord crashed multiple times/day, and that is very annoying f.e. in combatlog).
I hope the server get's online as soon as possible, but I can't tell an exact hour yet.

Stay up to date by reading the post, I'll edit it when I know more.
Or follow us on Twitter for updates.

EDIT: Maintenance has been finished at 3 P.M. (West-Europe time). The Bungeecord crashes should be fixed now. Have fun playing!

Thanks for your patience.
Kind regards,
Dieter - didjee2
by jooster11 at 1:01 PM
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Hello everyone,

2 PM - All servers will come down for 2 hours for a brief maintenance to address a technical issue. Downtime should be 2 hours.

Follow our twitter to stay updated! https://twitter.com/CentrixPVP

4 PM - UPDATE: Maintenance has been successfully finished!

- The CentrixPVP Staff Team
by didjee2 at 10:04 PM
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Hello all,

This is just a quick update note to tell you guys that we added 'Support Tickets' and an application template into the site.
When creating a new JrHelper application, the questions will be filled in already, without having to copy them.
And the Support Tickets are to get faster & better answer then when you use the mail.
I hope this is being liked ;).

Kind regards,
Co-Owner & Lead-Developer
by didjee2 at 10:17 PM
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Hello all,

Just a quick update note, we've added a staff list to our website.
This list is made by @babyman199, big thanks.
Go have a look by clicking here.

Kind regards,
Lead-Developer & Co-Owner
by jooster11 at 11:23 PM
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Hello everyone!

You saw it maybe on our Twitter page already but we are now announcing it also here!
We are planning to add a Random loot-chest drop to Factions and maybe some more gamemodes soon.

Random loot-chests will contain some good like such as PVP stuff, blocks and more items!

You can vote on our poll which you can find over here ->
The poll will end in 6 days!

Thanks for reading!

-Kind regards
The Centrix-staffteam
by jooster11 at 8:10 PM
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Read more here

We are currently running a sale of 35% OFF! Buy your ranks, perks and more here!

Factions, what is new?
This week we launched our new Factions server. We removed Normal-Factions + OP-Factions to replace it with a whole new server. The reason why we did this is to get more people on one server. Before were the servers different. OP-Factions had daily +80 members online, and Normal-Factions only 20.
On the new Faction server we added new features like:
- Custom enchantments (/warp customenchants)
- Lottery (/lottery)
- (OLD) Auction (/auc)
- Bounties (/bounty)
- New spawn+shop+warzone

What is gonna happen with Creative, Survival and Prison?

We told you guys 2 weeks ago that we were finally ready to launch Prison V3. We have not launched it yet, all our files are gone. Our staff-team (development + server developers) are done with school now.
We expect for now that Prison will be beek within a few weeks.
Creative will be back online next week, we don't have a specific release date for Survival yet.

Cosmetics (NEW!)
We are finally happy to say this, cosmetic is almost done! The new cosmetics items such as pets, gadgets, particles, treasure chests and more items will be added soon to the network! Cosmetic features are having no influence on the gameplay.
Cosmetics will be available soon!

Basic updates
Survival-Games and Buildbattle are removed from the network, but why?
These 2 gamemodes had a very low playercount. We hope to add these gamemodes back in the future with better systems and more awesomer features.

The lobbies are optimized from all the terrible lagg. We did this also to make some place for the new Cosmetic system.
Follow us on twitter for daily tweets about our updates!

For now, thanks for reading.

-Kind regards
The Centrix Staff-team
by jooster11 at 7:06 PM
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Hello everyone!

We have planned some big updates for Centrix which are coming out soon. We also have some more information for you!
You can read it all here!

First thing! Skyblock will not reset!

Plan 1
We want to remove Normal-Factions and replace it with a Factions server that contains Custom Enchantments and Abilities. This gamemode, at the moment, is very popular and a lot of players are liking it!

Plan 2
We want to add Auctionhouse a Eula-friendly Tokenshop and OP Vote-rewards back to our freebuild gamemodes (Factions-Skyblock-Survival etc.), we saw a lot of suggestion lists which are very cool,
We will think about these suggestions too of course.
We are still thinking about a smaller spawn for the Faction gamemodes.
Leave your suggestions please here to support us!

A lot of players found a lot of bugs which are still not fixed yet. I want to change this now.
We are soon creating a special forum for bugs which can be reported over there.

We have planned for now that Prison will be released next weekend (saturday or sunday!) We will keep you guys up to date on our Twitter

We are currently running a 50% Off sale on Tags and Unbans!
Shop now at http://centrix.buycraft.net

You all have almost heard it, a lot of staff-members have quit Centrix.
The following staff-members quit: Mortmaurice, ndorris85, Versile, Nasa_Gamer_YT, Houdini, LuaJ.

Many of you guys know that Bbasie, TheSealHD (Kiekerino) and me were inactive for a while.
We did not have inspiration for Minecraft and we needed a break, so we quit for a while, but we are back now!

In the next weeks we will update some little things like bugs and easier addons. I am currently busy with my school because I have to finish my last 2 weeks, this is the reason why we are bringing the bigger updates later.

All the post of the news forum section have been deleted, this is the only post for now.

Thanks for reading!

-Kind regards
Jooster11 and the Centrix-Staff