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by jooster11 at 3:07 PM
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Hello everyone,

The Factions server has been reset yesterday! We are still working on it to fix some little issues and bugs.
The following changes have been made:
- NEW! Koth - more info ingame about this new addon
- NEW! CustomEnchantments
- NEW! Achievements
- NEW! TNT-Fill (better one then before)
- NEW! Spawn and Warps
- Worldborders are now different (info can be found in the spawn)
- Improved /wild - you are now allowed to teleport much more further then first
- Improved MCMMO skills
- Improved MobStacker
- Changed scoreboard and tab
- Updated Factions plugin with some own features
- Removed 1.7/1.8 SpongeMechanics
- Edited HeadHunter (bounties, selling heads etc.)
- Edited Crate rewards
- Improved no-fly zones

Further we have improved the server (running now on Paperspigot) +...
by didjee2 at 8:24 PM
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Hello everyone

We are giving away 5 coupon codes in our store for our birthday.
For this, you will need to fill in your name in this document: http://bit.ly/centrix-coupon-giveaway

Tomorrow evening, we will be selecting random names out of this list, and these people will be rewarded a coupon.
We will also inform them by mail.

The winners are:
#185: @bobthevillager
#205: @umejju01
#103: @TBNRlvrih
#178: @ElSfa7
#193 @RakanSalaitah
These 5 people have all won a 20 USD coupon code. (Note that the number before there name = the number AFTER randomizing the list).

Kind regards,
Dieter aka didjee2
by jooster11 at 3:59 PM
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Hello, everyone!

This week is the 3rd birthday from Centrix! To celebrate this with everyone we have planned to start a big event with a lot of prizes! After this event, we will also launch a ' New ' server! Read the thread further if you want to know more about the Event and other updates.

We have planned this Event for tomorrow (Saturday 3-6-2017). The Event Server will open at 19:15 and will start at 19:30. This Event is a big PVP tournament in an arena. Be quick because of full is full. There is only place for only 100 people
We will have 3 or more staff members online at this tournament to ban cheaters and other abusers. All the main rules from Centrix will apply to this server too!
The timezone is Europe/Amsterdam time (GMT +1).
We also have a lot of prices:
- everyone will earn +5000 EXP
(New EXP...
by jooster11 at 3:59 PM
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Hello everyone,

You probally already noticed that Prison has some annoying bugs such as the chat that is not working.
We are currently working on a NEW Prison server which will be released asap!
Edit: The prison chat is now working again!

I've just finished my exams so I have now enough time to start working on Centrix, which means that we will have a lot of servers which will reset soon.

There are also now some open jobs. You can find the jobs here

If you have found any other bug or glitch, please report this to us then, thank you!

We will now also be more active on our Social-pages!
You can find us on:
by jooster11 at 12:36 AM
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Hello everyone!

New minigame!
We have launched our NEW minigame today called Murder!
This is a roleplay game with 16 players, 1 murder, 1 detective and 14 innocents. You can read the whole gameplay information soon on the forums!
There are currently 2 maps available for this new gamemode, the 2 maps are Spacestation and Cargo.
We are already working on some new Murder maps which will be added soon!
You can easily join games through the new updated QuickJoin and Sign system.
We will add soon a special currency such as coins to Murder to buy cool stuff, maybe such as armor for ingame or other items!

We have worked the last 2 hours after the launch of Murder on the improvements of all the bugs/glitches, and I can tell you happily that all the...
by jooster11 at 10:23 PM
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Hello everyone,

This is a quick post to inform you about the updates and changes around the network.

We have removed the tokenshop from our servers, why?
The tokenshop was a public plugin which was not working good, and causing lagg in the servers.
We don't want that the players are going to argue about lagg, server crashes etc. This is the reason why it's removed for now, it will come back later!

We are currently working on the Skywars V2.0 version which contains a lot of new updates such as Team mode, a new anticheat and more vote options. We have planned to launch this update within 2 weeks.

Combatlog is completly out of the Beta phase and tested aswell. All the well-know bugs are fixed.
If you find any errors/glitches or bugs in the new combatlog system. Create a new...