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Centrix-Network consists of a team that contribute & collaborate remotely from around the world, with members ranging from games industry newcomers to 14+ year veterans. The staff have a diverse set of backgrounds, but share a common passion for games and ensuring that our players are happy.

Some tips before applying

• Show us what you’ve done relevant to the area in which you are applying, you can do this via YouTube videos, screenshots, websites, links to GitHub. We will not compile and run any code examples for initial review of applicants.

• Failing to get a response unfortunately means we are not interested in pursuing this application. Due to the high volume of applicants we can’t reply to each by hand.

• Think of an application like an elevator pitch for yourself, keep it short, snappy and provide the wow factor up front! An example of a bad application is where you say “contact me if you’d like to see examples of my work.”

Units System

We have sorted our staff team into units, each unit has 5-7 staff members. Staff have to follow their units by moderating the servers that are assigned for each unit. And this is to increase the staff coverage and moderation on all servers.

Jr. Helper Applications

We are currently hiring for the positions listed below. Please note that NONE of our staff members get paid. For applications to our volunteer program check below.

Jr. Helper English
  • Moderation skills
  • Good English language
  • Communication skills
  • Strong personality

Jr. Helper Spanish
  • Poder hablar engles
  • Habilidad para Moderar
  • Habilidad para comunicar
  • Personalidad fuerte

Jr. Helper Portuguese/Brazilian
  • Pode falar inglês
  • Habilidades de Moderação
  • Habilidades de comunicação
  • Personalidade forte

Developer Applications

The CentrixPVP Development team is searching new members, so we've opened Developer applications! A quick note in the beginning, developers are not getting paid on CentrixPVP and will not be getting paid in the nearby future!

             Requirements as a CentrixPVP Developer:

                   - You are 16 years or older

                   - Good knowledge of English

                   - Good knowledge of Java/Bukkit/Spigot + BungeeCord API

                   - Good knowledge of SQL (able to work with MySQL & SQLite)

                   - Able to use Maven and Git(lab)

                   - Knowledge about NMS & Java Reflection (especially for Minigames & cosmetics)

                      Click here for more information

Once you've applied, and you're accepted, you'll first have a trial period as Junior Developer. While you're a Junior Developer, I will teach you how to work with the CMS API, which you will most likely use as a CentrixPVP Developer.

Do you meet the requirements? If so, then apply by

Apr 20, 2017
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