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by jooster11 at 5:05 PM
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Hello everyone,

Skyblock reset

The Skyblock server has been reset. We hope you all enjoy it.
There might be a few little bugs/glitches, please report this at the forums.
Update list:
- New spawn
- New fresh builds
- Added MCMMO
- Added Coinflip (/cf)
- New Skyblock islands for players
- Added Jobs
- Added custom oregenerator
- Added Actionhouse (/ah)
- New crate and vote(party) rewards

The Skyblock server is running 1.11.2, you are allowed to join with 1.8x/1.9x/1.10x and 1.11x!
You can find some more screenshots of the Skyblock spawn here!

Teamspeak updates
This week @Hij310 updated our whole...
by didjee2 at 7:30 PM
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Survival reset!

Hello everyone,

The survival server has been reset today! This is our update list.
The server is running 1.11.2, you can join the server with 1.8x/1.9x/1.10x and 1.11x!
Update list:
- New fresh spawn
- New builds/warps
- Added Auctionhouse (/auc)
- New Marriage plugin (/marry)
- Jetpack plugin
- New Coinflip plugin (/cf)
- New kits

You can only get your MCMMO stats better if you train it, we removed the claimlevels feature in survival.
Suggestions are still welcome! Create a forum thread in the survival forums to share your suggestions!

Other updates
- CMS is now everywhere stable (Fixing the last servers...
by jooster11 at 10:51 PM
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Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve, best wishes for 2017!

2016 was a difficult year for Centrix. Losing a high amount of players and we were even thinking to stop and give up. 2016 was also a complicated year. A lot of players were or are still complaining about the staff and rules, downtime or the site.

But that was 2016, let's look what 2017 brings, I think a good year!
Centrix is again growing up to the 900-1000 players back in the weekends, plugins are better coded and the devs are working better then ever before! @Mechoriet and @Hij310 joined the developers team to help us coding, thanks!

I am currently for 70% done with rewriting the new rules for normal players AND the staff-members. They will be pushed through the network soon....
by jooster11 at 1:56 PM
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Hello everyone,

To celebrate this Christmas we are giving a 40% OFF sale on all our packages in our webstore! (store.centrixpvp.eu)

This week we switched to another datacenter. This took for us a lot of time and work to complete this, that is the reason why we had some small updates this week only.

@Mechoriet : Finally we are done with recoding and testing the new skin plugin!
I have worked very hard on this plugin and I am very excited to announce it.
All the players of Centrix can use this command (Cracked & Premium).

You can only "change" your skin in our lobbies.
The players names are Case Sensitive, so that means if you want someones skin,
You must typ his username correct!
After you...
by Mechoriet at 11:50 PM
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[UPDATE] Hello everyone,

We will have some maintenance now to move our last server data to our new dedicated servers!
Follow this post for the updates from our network!

Thanks for your patience.
- Centrix Staff-Team

[UPDATE 1] Network is from now offline! (9:40PM +1GMT)
[UPDATE 2] Starting with moving our data! (9:42PM +1GMT)
[UPDATE 3] Data has been moved! (11:10PM +1GMT)
[UPDATE 4] Configurating the last things (0:30AM +1GMT)
[UPDATE 5] Network is back online (1:00AM +1GMT)
[UPDATE 6] Everything is tested, and is working now again! (2:43PM +1GMT)

[LATEST] Operation done!

by jooster11 at 7:47 PM
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New Christmas lobby

We have worked on a special new Christmas lobby, I want to thank the Build-Team for helping with these awesome builds! This lobby will stay till January. (Full album can be found here!)

Network optimized
Thanks to @Mechoriet who helped us out with improving the network. We have worked on a better and faster login on any server like before. Every server + the bungeecord should be optimized now, and must run good.

Creative reset
The Creative server has been reset! New features has been added such as:
- New spawn
- New help menu
- New Heads plugin
- Full 1.11 server

We told you guys in the last thread to add the skins plugin back, but...