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by jooster11 at 7:13 PM
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Hello players of Centrix,

This post will be about the Factions Server reset and some more server plans/announcements.
You can read everything about the new released updates over here!

Factions has been reset today (13-10-2016)
The server is running 1.10.2, it's supporting 1.8x, 1.9x and 1.10x versions.

New things added:
Worldborder info:
  • Normal world: 10000x10000
  • Nether world: 5000x5000
  • The End world: 5000x5000
- Recode of Bounty (will be added later this week!)
- F-Top has been added
- Item rename (will be added later this week!)
- Factions member limit up to 20 members an faction
- Fixed a lot of duplication glitches and little bugs
- Added CMS kit, warp and...
by Diamondsgalore at 10:15 PM
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Hey guys, DG here AGAIN!
We have added a new plugin to Survival. its called the EXPbottle and the Jetpack Plugin

The EXP Bottle Plugin
In this plugin there is One command only. It is used to Store your Exp.
Command is : /xpbottle (The amout of Exp you want to save)

The Jetpack Plugin
Here there are 2 new crafting recipies!
This is for the JetPack itself. https://gyazo.com/ed8a70aa7610ef8a0a50b81b6532d69d

This is for the Fuel for the jetpack https://gyazo.com/5486edff46c8fc85f282d53080d7bee8

There is also NO FALL DAMAGE BOOTS! This is the recipe https://gyazo.com/8e9f20a992c2e3660683d6db95cc2d70

To use the JetPack just click LEFT SHIFT and you'll fly.

To Fuel up the jetpack
1.) Hold the Jetpack.
2.) Left click the jetpack in the hand
3.) A GUI will...
by didjee2 at 9:47 PM
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Hello everyone,

People were already asking for something like this a long time, so I decided to add it, a page on which the most important bugfixes are being mentioned.
Those bugfixes are like, 'little' updates in the network, fixing bugs that are ingame.

Please report bugs in a Support Ticket or make a post.

You can click here to go to the page with the latest bugfixes (starting from today).

Yours sincerely,
Dieter - didjee2
Co-Owner & Lead Developer.
by bbasie at 7:35 PM
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Hello Centrix players!

I wanna celebrate that I'm 1 year staff on Centrixpvp!

I wanne to a huge thanks to @jooster11 @didjee2 @Kiekerino for having so much fun!

(Btw that are the people who supported me and where there of the beginning )

How am I going to celebrate it?
Really simple..

PM me on the forum what your greatest moment was with me !
(I will commend on the 3 best)

What can you win?
1st Prize
Legendary kit 3× (choose server )
2nd Prize
Gladiator kit 2× (choose server)
3rd Prize.
Titan kit 2× (choose server)

(I will tag the winners on 15 aug in a Thread)

I want to thank all the players who supported me and hopefully I am making this post next year again!

-Bas (bbasie)
by jooster11 at 7:47 PM
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Hello everyone,

Creative has been released today!
These new features have been added:
- Creative is a 1.10.2 server (Compatible with: 1.5-1.6-1.7-1.8-1.9 and 1.10+!)
(We recommend using minecraft 1.10 or higher!)

- Plotsmenu
- You can now merge your plots
- Every donator rank has +1 more plot to claim!
- Every Vote will give you 10 minutes of worldedit (Not finished yet!)
- New CMS scoreboard
- Worldedit can be unlocked from Gladiator or higher ranked!
- Marriage (/marry)

We hope that you like the new update, if you find any kind of bugs feel free to report them on the forums:

Prison, a lot of you have wait for it. I can only tell you that Prison is finished for 70%.
We don't have a specific release date yet.

- The Centrix staff-team
by jooster11 at 12:53 AM
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Hello everyone,

A weird title, yes! Here some information about the Survival issues, you can see it on the title, survival has been reset again.
There were some big server issues and the server was crashing every 20 minutes, that's the reason why we took the decission to reset Survival for the second time to fix these issues.

There was a bug in the player-data of the world map, removing this bug means a full server reset.
The server is now running much more better and won't crash again.

Information regards the survival reset can be found here!

-Kind regards
The Centrix staff