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by didjee2 at 10:17 PM
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Hello all,

Just a quick update note, we've added a staff list to our website.
This list is made by @babyman199, big thanks.
Go have a look by clicking here.

Kind regards,
Lead-Developer & Co-Owner
by jooster11 at 8:10 PM
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Read more here

We are currently running a sale of 35% OFF! Buy your ranks, perks and more here!

Factions, what is new?
This week we launched our new Factions server. We removed Normal-Factions + OP-Factions to replace it with a whole new server. The reason why we did this is to get more people on one server. Before were the servers different. OP-Factions had daily +80 members online, and Normal-Factions only 20.
On the new Faction server we added new features like:
- Custom enchantments (/warp customenchants)
- Lottery (/lottery)
- (OLD) Auction (/auc)
- Bounties (/bounty)
- New spawn+shop+warzone

What is gonna happen with Creative, Survival and...
by jooster11 at 7:06 PM
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Hello everyone!

We have planned some big updates for Centrix which are coming out soon. We also have some more information for you!
You can read it all here!

First thing! Skyblock will not reset!

Plan 1
We want to remove Normal-Factions and replace it with a Factions server that contains Custom Enchantments and Abilities. This gamemode, at the moment, is very popular and a lot of players are liking it!

Plan 2
We want to add Auctionhouse a Eula-friendly Tokenshop and OP Vote-rewards back to our freebuild gamemodes (Factions-Skyblock-Survival etc.), we saw a lot of suggestion lists which are very cool,
We will think about these suggestions too of course.
We are still thinking about a smaller spawn for the Faction gamemodes.
Leave your suggestions please...